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Candle Lamp Rechargeable

Candle Lamp Rechargeable

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Enhance your living space with the warm glow of our Candle Lamp Rechargeable. Crafted from ivory-colored wax, these candles create a cozy atmosphere without the worry of a real flame.

With LED technology, these candles offer long-lasting illumination and a safer alternative to traditional candles. Say goodbye to wax drips, smoke, and the constant need for replacements. Enjoy the beauty of candlelight without any of the maintenance.

  • Create a cozy atmosphere with flickering LED lights
  • Crafted from ivory-colored wax for an elegant touch
  • Control the lights conveniently with the included remote
  • Perfect for enhancing the ambiance of any room
  • Enjoy the beauty of candlelight without the safety concerns

Package Included:

  •  1 x 3 Candle Lamp Rechargeable - Batteries (not included)
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